Rental Application Form

Please click the icons below to download a copy of the Rental Application Form and the Statement of Information for Rental Applicants. Both will be downloaded in PDF format.

Thank you for choosing Real Estate Yarra Valley, to apply for a rental property you must download the PDF form. Once you have completed the form please either email it or bring it into our office for processing.

When you return your form for processing please be sure to include the following:

  • Copy of Photo ID (Drivers Licence and / or passport, etc).
  • Proof of Income (Payslips, Centrelink Statements, Bank Statements, etc).
  • Proof of residence (copy of a bill, rates notice, car registration papers, etc).

Please be aware that if the above items are not attached, your application WILL NOT be processed until they are all received, which may result in the property being leased to another successful applicant.


We strive to have all applicants processed as soon as possible, we do advise that this can take up to 2 – 5 working days.
To make processing easier please ensure that you have provided the best contact numbers for all references.

It is a condition of Real Estate Yarra Valley that all tenants pay monthly rent via Direct Credit into our nominated Rental Trust Account once a month, either in person at any Bendigo Bank or by internet bank transfer, as we have a strict NO CASH on premises policy. If you cannot agree and adhere to this, please do not apply.

Bond  – The bond must be paid in full by bank cheque or money order only, prior to moving into the property. Bond Transfers are NOT accepted. Bank cheques and/ or money orders are to be made out to R.T.B.A.

Rent  – A calendar month’s rent is payable prior to moving in and picking up keys. NB: A calendar month’s rent worked out by: weekly rent/ 7 x 365 / 12 months.

Keys  – Keys to any property will not be given out until all monies are paid in full and all funds are cleared.

Signing Leases  – Please note you will be required to arrange an appointment time during working hours with the Property Manager to finalise all documents prior to moving in. Please allow at least 30 minutes for this appointment.

Insurance – A reminder that insurance of your personal belongings (contents) is your responsibility. Your contents are NOT covered under any of the landlord’s insurance should any claimable event occur.